I have been practicing Bikram yoga for close to 2 years now and have been to various different studios including one in Tel Aviv (I travel alot for work). Signing up was a breeze, electronic lockers, nice showers, the studio was clean.

The instructors correct your poses without being overbearing. Everyone was extremely friendly and there seems to be a sense of community; not sure there is more you can ask for in a studio.

Pedro L., Shelton, Conn., 3/12/2013

I’ve been practicing hot yoga and have been wanting to do bikram yoga for awhile so….I decided to go to my first class today and it turned out to be an awesome experience. … Read more »

P L., Washington, DC, 2/19/2013

Out of all the bikram studios I’ve ever tried, I keep coming back to this one on purpose. The instructors are great and give wonderful corrections, the floors are made of rubber (i.e. easy to clean!) and there is no lingering foot odor in the practice room. … Read more »

Brittany J., Silver Spring, MD , 2/11/2013

I’ve now taken several classes at Bikram Yoga Dupont with 5 different teachers. I just want to say that they are all phenomenal! They each have a different personality but are all similar in their enthusiasm and encouragement. … Read more »

Allison P., Washington, DC, 2/7/2013

Just an update – Carolan, Yasmin and Lauren are making me love Bikram Yoga even more. I cannot recommend their classes enough, especially if you’re new and unsure of what’s going on. Read more »

Devika M., Washington, DC, 1/15/2013

Extraordinarily friendly and helpful staff. Yoga studios are generally only as strong as the people working there and I was very impressed by the attitude and skill of the instructors at Bikram Yoga Dupont. I look forward to coming back for more classes.

          Tracy Walsh, 11/29/2012

Not a yoga person in general. The only yoga I can commit to is bikram because its challenging, very stimulating in many ways and so good for your overall health-mind and body. Gosh, there are so many benefits to doing bikram, how can I not do this for my body. … Read more »

Rose N., Washington, DC, 1/7/2012

Very large, multi-level studio in the heart of Dupont, in close proximity to the north metro exit. The facilities (e.g. studios, changing rooms, lounging area, etc.) are well-kept and comfortable, and the staff/instructors are fantastic (Monica is a personal fav). … Read more »

Sarah S., Washington, DC, 5/2/2012

Bikram Yoga Dupont is a great place to go when trying Bikram for the first time. The instructors are very warm and welcoming to new people and will usually give you extra attention at your first few sessions. … Read more »

Emily F., Washington, DC, 12/7/2007

Bikram Yoga is by far one of the most beneficial decisions I have made. Not only are you struck with a sense of calmness upon entering, the instructors do a great job at making new comers feel welcome and comfortable. The class lasts for 90 minutes, allowing your mind and body to be challenged. … Read more »

Marian T., Washington, DC, 4/21/2012

This was the first studio I experienced bikram yoga at so I totally admit to being biased. That said, I am completely hooked. Bikram yoga is the most challenging workout I have ever experienced and I love it because of that. … Read more »

R. R., Alexandria, VA, 4/30/2012

Excellent! Being from out of town, I was sure the formula would be followed as is the way with Bikram. The center was friendly and welcoming and the instructor kicked ass. She was thorough and complete but also added more information and background than I had heard at my local yoga in San Diego. … Read more »

Jill W., San Diego, CA, 8/11/2009

From an ordinary to an extraordinary relationship with yourself … Read more »

Maria M., Washington, DC, 10/16/2010

This studio is awesome. It has high ceilings, exposed brick walls, very clean, lots of windows and a large changing room with three showers. I have been to hundreds of yoga studios all over the world and this one is one of the most beautiful and clean. … Read more »

Maureen R., Washington, DC, 3/25/2009

Keeping it hot when all the other studios have turned it down this summer! Great locker room! Love the fresh fruit after class and free filtered water! Read more »

Amanda S., Washington, DC, 8/28/2011

… So for those of you who practice Bikram, this is a great studio. There’s a huge lounge/locker room area, and the studio itself is also really big. The instructors I’ve had were less drill sergeant-y than other studios, and walk around the room correcting postures instead of just standing at the front. …Read more »

M. J., Boston, MA , 5/29/2010

I am 37 years old and not flexible. The first time I went to Bikram I totally sucked at it. I still suck at it. But I feel much better. And I think I have repaired much of the damage of years of playing soccer without stretching. … Read more »

Danny S., Washington, DC, 12/20/2009

Out of the 10 different Bikram yoga studios I’ve been to, this is my favorite Bikram place. It has the most floor space that I’ve seen to date and a rubber like floor where the sweat can be mopped up or evaporate quickly. … Read more »

Sach Bob C., Alexandria, VA, 2/19/2010

A wonderful Bikram studio if you need a place to practice. This place is great for beginners but even better for regulars. You get a wide range of teachers so you can’t get into a rut, and the owner is magical. The space is the most interesting Bikram studio I’ve seen and I’ve practiced all over the country. Read more »

C T., Washington, DC, 1/10/2011

Bikram Yoga Dupont is an amazing studio and I would highly recommend it. I have been doing yoga for the past 12 years and was only introduced to Bikram recently. It’s a very different experience from regular yoga – aside from the obvious heat – but one that leaves my body extremely fulfilled after each session. … Read more »

Lucy K., Washington, DC, 10/28/2008

As a long term student, I highly recommend this studio for long term and new students to the discipline – BYDC studio is in a prime location via metro from the Circle. It is a warm, friendly, well appointed place. … Read more »

John D., Washington, DC, 8/19/2011