Promotions & Specials

Anniversary Sale – Yearly Unlimited $970

This sale price of $970 includes DC Sales Tax and is available on-line and at the studio, for a limited time. Includes mat storage :)

Veteran’s and Military Discount

Veterans and Military receive 30% off class passes (except Intro Week). Discount is given at the studio.

Student Discount

Full time students must show a valid student ID.

  • $10 ($11 incl. DC Sales tax) for 6:15am and 9:30am classes Monday through Friday (available at studio only)
  • $15 ($16 incl. DC Sales tax) at other class times
  • $110 ($117 incl. DC Sales tax) monthly unlimited

90 Day Challenge

Inspire and renew yourself by taking on Bikram Yoga Dupont’s 90 Day Challenge!  Take one class each day for 90 days and you will be well on your way to changing your body…and your life!

Bikram Yoga Dupont will reward you with 1 Month of FREE (unlimited) yoga when you successfully complete the 90 Day Challenge.

Begin your Challenge on any day of any month. We will track your progress at the studio. Please let us know you are participating so we can add your name to our 90 Day Challenge chart. If you are out of town during the challenge, please bring us a note from the other studios indicating where and when you took class.

Feel great about yourself and make a difference for those around you. We encourage you to
lovingly and respectfully take care of your body, mind and spirit.