Repair, Rejuvenate and Detoxify Your Body with Foot Zoning

Definition of FootZonology

FootZonology is the science of balancing, rejuvenating, and detoxifying the body through the signal system in the feet. It consists of both ZoneBalance and ZoneAnalysis.

Each cell in our body has a signal on our feet, and by accessing the signal, the cells are prompted at the DNA level to repair and renew themselves. The body has the ability to heal itself! This is ZoneBalance.

In ZoneAnalysis, the Zonologist uses a process of analyzing to determine what is felt through the signals in the feet. Areas in the body that contain imbalances can be discovered.

FootZonology treats the entire body as a whole. All of our body’s systems are inter-related and work together synergistically for optimal health and wellness. Imbalances can occur in the body if only one area is isolated and treated at a time. By treating the entire body each time, a harmonious balance can be maintained in the body, which will lead to overall vitality and wellness.

History of FootZonology

FootZonology’s predecessor is Foot Zone Therapy. Zone Therapy, in some form, has existed and been practiced as a healing method for tens of thousands of years. Many civilizations have come and gone that have benefitted from using Zone Therapy for overall health and wellness. It has been discovered that ancient paintings and hieroglyphics found in India and Egypt depict Zone Therapy, showing that these ancient cultures utilized this healing treatment.

Zone Therapy re-emerged in the 20th century with Dr. William Fitzgerald, an American ear, nose, and throat specialist (1872-1946). He developed a theory that we have 10 vertical meridians, or electrical circuits, that run through the body. He discovered that by applying pressure in a specific movement or pattern brought pain relief to the body. His work was documented by Dr. Edwin Bowers, who referred to the vertical meridians as “zones”. In the 1050’s, a Norwegian doctor named Charles Ersdal, M.D., experienced relief from paralysis with Zone Therapy treatments. Over the next 26 years, Dr. Ersdal researched Foot Zone Therapy and determined that the body has it’s own healing intelligence. He came to find that the body can heal itself when stimulated or triggered through the specific treatment of Foot Zone Therapy. Through his findings, he discovered that the body responded best when treated as a whole integrate, inter-related system. He charted the signals to the brain, blood circulation, lymphatic system, and musculoskeletal system.

Katri Nordblom learned and was mentored in Foot Zone Therapy by Dr. Ersdal. She began to teach the method in her home country of Sweden. During this time, Katri made discoveries of her own relating to the signals in the feet, specifically the inner organs and the pancreas. She realized that you can also analyze the current state of the body through accessing the signals in the feet.

In the spring of 1989, Katri and her husband Hans moved to Paradise Valley, Montana, bringing Foot Zone Therapy with them. As time went on and Katri made more and more revelatory discoveries, she changed the treatment she offered from Foot Zone Therapy to FootZonology, and trademarked the method. In 1990, she and Hans opened the Nordblom American Institute of FootZonology.

Foot Zoning and Face Zoning is now available in Washington DC.

Please contact Carolan, a Certified FootZonologist, at 202 253-9774, to schedule a session. Carolan is certified through the Nordblom American Institute of FootZonology.

$65/session for a Foot Zone. $85/session for a Face Zone. For more information about FootZonology: